Mobility-Stability Continuum

The Mobility-Stability Continuum

Today’s Thursday Throwback features an important article that I originally wrote back in 2010. The concept of Michael Boyle and Gray Cook’s “Joint by Joint Approach” discussed below is the single most effective way to communicate to clients/athletes how a limitation at one joint or segment can influence function or pain in a different area […]

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USA Hockey Camp-Kevin Neeld

Hockey Development for High School Players

A couple years ago I was invited to go speak at and run the off-ice training for a USA Hockey Regional Festival for 14 year olds. I was really excited about the opportunity for a lot of reasons. First off, I love working with players at that age. They’re sponges for information and are at […]

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10 Qualities of a GREAT Teammate

Over the last several weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a successful athlete and reflecting on how good of a job we’re doing at cultivating these qualities in our athletes. Running a sports performance facility puts us in a great position to influence an athlete’s physical development, which will have a profound […]

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A Deeper Look into PRI

As I’ve dug further down the rabbit hole of the coursework offered by the Postural Restoration Institute, I’ve gained a better appreciation for the totality of their message. I think of “corrective exercise” through their lens less about correcting posture and more about: Providing a sensory-rich environment for the individual to feel positions that he/she […]

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Hockey Training-Trap Bar Deadlift

Muscle Properties: Short vs. Stiff

This week’s Thursday Throwback is a quick read, but discusses an important issue that you need to be aware of if you’ve ever felt “tight”. There’s a big difference between a muscle being “short” and a muscle being “stiff” and understanding the difference can help dictate what you need to do to correct the issue. […]

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Body Metrix Analysis

Ultrasound Body Composition System

With every component of our programs at Endeavor, I always ask myself “can we do it better?”   With this in mind, I’m constantly looking for new methods or tools to improve our assessment and training process, and when I have time to test things out a bit (and they pan out), I want to […]

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UMass Lowell Hockey

Tracking Heart Rate in a Team Setting

Using heart rate and heart rate variability to both track and govern physiological responses to training is a hot topic right now. While heart rate monitors have been around for a while, advances in software & technology have made their use much more accessible in recent years, especially in team settings. As with anything new, […]

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Hilary Knight

Hilary Knight makes NHL Debut

I just came across a great article/video on Hilary Knight (US Olympic Team) skating with the Anaheim Ducks a few weeks ago. Photo from Things like this are great for the sport. If you’re a player or coach, I’d encourage you to take a few minutes to check this out. One of the things […]

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Black Squirrel

Doctors vs. Strength Coaches: A Difference in Perspective

Today’s Thursday Throwback touches on a concept that I think about a lot. Since I wrote this in 2010, I’ve worked closely with several medical and rehabilitation professionals, and it’s always interesting to view the situation through their eyes. Strength coaches often scoff at doctor’s when they say things like “squatting is bad for your […]

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Matt Sees Gorilla Singlet

Transitioning from Athlete to Coach

Today’s post features a special guest interview with Matt Sees. For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure, Matt has been a coach at Endeavor with me for the last couple of years. He’s been a valued member of our staff, and having played football and competed in Olympic lifting, also brings a different […]

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