Male athlete stretching hamstrings, foot on hurdle, low angle view

Core Training, Hamstring Strains, Athlete Monitoring & Athletic Development

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve come across a few interesting articles I know you’ll enjoy. Check them out below: 1) No More Pulled Hamstrings by Mike Robertson Mike continues to punch out great information on a consistent basis. This article highlights a multi-faceted approach to minimizing hamstring strain risk. While this is focused […]

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1-Arm Cable Stiff-Legged Deadlift Hold

Training Youth Athletes: Optimal Teaching Strategies

Training youth athletes can be a challenge, even for the most experienced Performance Coaches. With the drastic fluctuations in structural, hormonal, and neurological development across adolescence, one of the most difficult things to do is teach youth athletes how to perform exercises (and other athletic movements) with proper technique. Matt Siniscalchi is one of the […]

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Breaking A Slump

Busting A Slump: The Performance Coach’s Role

A lot of teams will go through a slump at some point throughout the season. In recognizing this, it’s imperative to minimize collateral damage and try to keep the team focused. This is exactly what happened with the UMass Lowell Hockey Team this season. After graduating a lot of seniors, the team got off to […]

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Med Ball Head

5 Ways to Get the Most from Your Athletes

Today’s Thursday Throwback discusses a few tips related to “the art of coaching” that will help you get the most out of your athletes. Despite originally publishing this over 4 years ago, these things continue to be staples in how our entire staff at Endeavor approaches coaching our athletes. These are timeless principles that can […]

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Matt Sees-Olympic Lifting

3 Easy Tips to Get Strong

Matt Sees, my coworker at Endeavor, recently competed in his 2nd ever Olympic Weightlifting meet and absolutely crushed his totals from last year. As a result, I thought it would be a great time to have him weigh in on a few simple tips that he’s relied on to get really strong, and some things […]

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Hockey Training-Unstable Surface Training

Were you duped by EMG?

EMG (electromyography) is the measurement of the electrical input to “activate” a muscle, and is often used as an indication of how much force the muscle will produce. It can be a useful research tool, and one that I’m very familiar with, having spent my two years of grad school working in the Exercise Neuroscience […]

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Seinfeld What's the Deal

Sports Nutrition Tip: The key to sustained energy

I’m particularly excited about today’s sports nutrition tip from Brian St. Pierre. As in the past, this tip is a “teaser” from the Nutrition Guide he wrote for my new program Ultimate Hockey Transformation. Today’s tip covers a topic that is essential to fueling consistently high performance and making significant gains in off-season training. It […]

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Hockey Training-1-Leg Glute Bridge with Band-Resisted Reach

Integrated Glute Activation Exercise

A problem that I see on a regular basis with a lot of athletes at Endeavor is a difficulty controlling lumbar extension and rib positioning, even during more remedial exercises. The ability to control extension is important for a lot of reasons, but specific to the exercise below, it helps ensure that you’re truly training […]

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The Myth of Symmetry

One of my favorite things about the “Throwback Thursday” process is that I have an opportunity to re-read some of my older work. Aside from picking up some information that I may have forgotten about, it also allows me to reflect on where I was at in my education at the time of writing it, […]

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Teeth and Posture

Sports Training Stuff You Should Read

This doesn’t seem like a random assortment of great articles as much as it does a tribute to the great work that Mike Robertson continues to put out. Nonetheless, there’s a lot of interesting stuff here so take a few minutes to check it all out! Are US Soccer Players Out of Shape by Mike […]

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