Wide Stance Lateral Push w/ Med Ball

One of the many differences between goalies and forwards/defensemen in hockey is that they rely more on short, powerful pushes to move around the crease, whereas skating is characterized by longer pushes.

Traditional jump training has a lot of value in improving lower body power in players at all positions, but when this work is prioritized in isolation goalies often report that they’re “over-pushing” on the ice.

Integrating some work that emphasizes short pushes from a laterally extended position can help goalies learn to maximize speed through a small range to reposition quickly without overshooting their position.

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The Wide Stance Lateral Push w/ Med Ball is one example of an exercise that helps emphasize these short pushes, using the med ball to reinforce a tall and quiet upper body during the movement.

Typically performed for 3 sets of 5 reps per side.

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