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Understanding Pain

Over the last few weeks I’ve come across two resources that I think do an outstanding job summarizing the current state of pain science. Simply, pain is something that everyone, especially athletes, will experience at some time throughout their lives. Understanding pain, therefore, becomes extremely important. Of particular interest is the idea that pain is an output of the brain, and can be a symptom of our interpretation of an injury or event as much as a sign of mechanical damage.

The video below features a talk from Lorimer Moseley, one of the prominent researchers in this area, and is as entertaining as it is informative. The article is a guest post from Matt Danziger at Dean Somerset’s website and does a good job explaining the concepts using slightly different language. Enjoy!


Read the article here >> A Primer on Pain by Matt Danziger

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  • Thanks for the share, Kevin.

    Since the guest post on Dean’s site I’ve cleaned up my article a little bit on my own site here: and added additional resources in the links at the bottom. I’m sure curious readers will find their way anyhow. I’m so glad to see this information is getting out there. For some of us it really does make a world of difference.


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