Video Appreciation Day: Hip Mobilization, Core Exercise, and Lifting Music

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a huge fan of videos. Not only do they give my eyes and brain a rest from reading, but it also provides a more effective model to present new exercises. Because most of my videos go directly up to Hockey Strength and Conditioning, I’ve been slacking a bit on posting exercise videos here. Here are a few “new” exercises to start incorporating into your programs:

Adductor Magnus Mobilization (also known as the “Come Here Often?” Mobilization)

The adductor magnus is a huge muscle and can become overworked and locked up pretty easily as it picks up the slack for weak or inhibited hip flexors AND hip extensors. This is a great dynamic warm-up exercise to help improve the extensibility of the adductor magnus, which is important for maintaining stride length, and for sufficient celebration technique (see below).

Crosby demonstrating the Come Here Often Mobilization on the ice

Endeavor Crawl
Another core exercise variation that encompasses components of anti-extension and anti-rotation. The goal here it to use the arms to drive movement while keeping the lower torso, hips, and legs perfectly still. As per Friday’s post regarding program changes I’ve made as a result of Charlie Weingroff’s DVD set (Training = Rehab, Rehab = Training), it’s also important to keep the chin tucked.

Lifting Music

This is one of my new favorite lifting songs. I realize that this song isn’t new, but no one told me that Sum 41 stopped whining and started screaming…

This loosely qualifies as what I call “smashing baby music.” Before you report me, no real babies were harmed in the naming of this music genre. Simply, the term refers music that elicits such a strong energy response that it almost causes you to do completely erratic, ridiculous, socially unacceptable things (like smash babies). It’s used to separate REAL lifting music from the garbage that is Bon Jovi.

It’s okay little buddy-you’re safe; you can get back to trading stocks on e-trade.

As a bonus feature, here’s a new song from one of my favorite artists (with a fitness emphasis!). J-Live is an underground rapper; he’s also a school teacher in Brooklyn. This makes me wonder how many of my teachers in middle school were moonlighting as rappers.

Have a great week!

Kevin Neeld

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