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Ultimate Hockey Transformation Q&A

With the release of my new Ultimate Hockey Transformation program this week, I’ve gotten a lot of questions that I wanted to address in today’s post. If you have a question that isn’t mentioned here, please post it in the comments section below!

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How long are the programs?

The programs for each age group are a little different. The U-14 off-season program is 12-weeks long, while the U-16, U-18, and Junior/College off-season programs are all 16-weeks. All of the in-season programs are 20-weeks, except the Junior/College one, which is 24.

What if I don’t know how to perform the exercises?

One of the best parts of Ultimate Hockey Transformation is that I have high quality videos demonstrating how to perform every exercise included in the program with perfect technique. If an exercise is new to you, you can simply pull up the specific video and see exactly how I want you to perform it. The manual also features a section on “Optimizing Movement”, which discusses common exercise flaws, including pictures of the most common mistakes, and the coaching cues I use with my athletes to make sure they’re doing everything with perfect technique. This is the closest thing to having me in the gym with you!

How do I find the videos I need?

Ultimate Hockey Transformation includes a Video Database reference sheet that lists all of the video links in alphabetical order so you can quickly find the ones you need. Better yet, all of the exercise names in the programs are hyperlinked to the video of the exercise. It couldn’t be any easier!

What if I don’t have the equipment needed to do the program?

The manual features an entire section on “Exercise Modifications” that tells you exactly what to do if you don’t have specific pieces of equipment.

Is there nutrition plan included in the system?

The Ultimate Hockey Transformation “Pro Package” features a brand-new nutrition manual from Brian St. Pierre that is AWESOME! It not only details exactly what you should be eating and when, it provides a ton of ways for you to individualize your nutrition based on your body type and goals, and strategies to maximize your recovery.

How long do I have to wait to get the program after I order?

The entire program is delivered digitally so you’ll have INSTANT access to all of the programs and supporting materials immediately after payment is processed!

The entire Ultimate Hockey Transformation package is currently being offered at an introductory rate. NOW is the perfect time to grab a quality program and start making the most of your off-season. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to change the path of your career!

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Get your training programs today>> Ultimate Hockey Transformation

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