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It’s been about a year and half since Ultimate Hockey Training was first released, and since that time I’ve gotten a lot of flattering feedback about the book. It’s humbling to think that UHT could positively impact hockey programs all over the world,  and I’m incredibly grateful for the continued support I receive from you and everyone that has purchased Ultimate Hockey Training.

Ultimate Hockey Training

As I’ve said in the past, I take feedback from my readers into serious consideration and am constantly thinking how I can evolve to offer better information, products, services, etc. I’m aware that, while some folks in the hockey community find the underlying theories, research, and general philosophy behind effective off-ice training intriguing, ultimately people are more interested in the “what” than the “why”. This was the major reason I created the “Ultimate Hockey Training Insider”, a membership section for UHT customers that wanted access to the programs I write for our programs at Endeavor. While I’m a firm believer in the power of program individualization AND being trained by a competent strength and conditioning coach with a good eye for movement, the reality is that there are far more kids/players that DO NOT have access to these services than those that do, and following a well-written program is infinitely better than falling into the typical trap of programs passed down from a bodybuilding culture.

I realize, however, that it can be difficult to follow along with some of our programs if the exercise names are foreign to you. Furthermore, it can be a bit of a guessing game knowing whether or not you’re performing the exercise correctly or not, as we tend to coach some exercises differently than what may be considered normal. Naturally, this has led to several people asking me if I had videos of the exercises. Believe it or not, I had actually thought of that preemptively, and had a professional videographer film ~350 exercises to be included with the book…only to find out that he was either too busy or too disinterested to complete the project, leaving me incredibly frustrated and you with no videos.

Fast forward to 6 months ago, David Lasnier, Matt Siniscalchi and I compiled a list of EVERY exercise we’ve used in a program (not just the ones I referenced in Ultimate Hockey Training), and forward to 2 months ago when Matt and I filmed 750+ exercises in a 4-day time period (our bodies are just now starting to recover!), followed by me editing and exporting all the videos, and Matt building the online database. Needless to say, this was a HUGE undertaking, and one that I will not likely ever take on again in the future, but I am extremely excited that it’s done, and now ready for you!

Introducing the Ultimate Hockey Training Exercise Database!

I’ve always viewed Ultimate Hockey Training not just as a hockey training book, but as an evolving illustration of my philosophy. The “Insiders” section, then, is essentially an early access pass to see how programs are changing over time. The video database provides an incredible tool for players, coaches, and S&C professionals to try new exercises, make parallel substitutions when certain pieces of equipment aren’t available, and ultimately to train more effectively. The database is divided into 9 sections, which are further subdivided into 39 categories:

  1. Self-Myofascial Release
    1. Foam Roll
    2. Lax Ball
  2. Dynamic Warm-Up/Mobility Exercises
    1. Dynamic Warm-Up
    2. Mobility Exercises
  3. Speed Training
    1. Linear
    2. Lateral
    3. Transitional
  4. Power Training
    1. Plyometrics
    2. Med Ball Throws
    3. Olympic Lifts
  5. Lower Body Strength
    1. Pulling
    2. Pushing
  6. Upper Body Strength
    1. Horizontal Pulling
    2. Horizontal Pushing
    3. Vertical Pulling
    4. Vertical Pushing
    5. Arms Pulling
    6. Arms Pushing
    7. Forearms
  7. Core Training
    1. Anterior Core
    2. Lateral Core
    3. Diagonal Core
    4. Rotational Core
    5. Diaphragm/Inner Core
    6. Anterior Hip
    7. Lateral Hip
    8. Medial Hip
    9. Posterior Hip
    10. Scap Work
    11. Rotator Cuff
    12. Neck
    13. Carries
  8. Conditioning
  9. Flexibility
    1. Lower Body Anterior
    2. Lower Body Medial
    3. Lower Body Posterior
    4. Upper Body Anterior
    5. Upper Body Posterior
    6. Combination
    7. Band-Assisted

Get more information on Ultimate Hockey Training and the exclusive Insider section here!
>> Ultimate Hockey Training

There are currently 756 exercises live in the exercise database of the Ultimate Hockey Training Insider membership section. We filmed another 50 the other day, including a lot of the corrective work we use. As we evolve our exercises, I’ll continue to build the database. I’ve also changed the layout of the site to make it easier for members to log-in and get quick access to the programs and videos.

With the off-season upon us, and new programs being continually added to the Insider section, this is the PERFECT time to grab a copy of the book and dive into the incredible collection of resources available exclusively to Ultimate Hockey Training Insiders!

Ultimate Hockey Training-Membership Card Insider Small

Get more information on Ultimate Hockey Training and the exclusive Insider section here!
>> Ultimate Hockey Training

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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