Ultimate Hockey Training is Live!

It’s finally here. I won’t drag this out with a long-winded introduction. Ultimate Hockey Training is now LIVE!

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In the last week I’ve released two videos on Transitional Speed Training for Hockey and Hockey Conditioning. In these, I’ve exposed many of the myths of hockey-specific training for speed and conditioning, and outlined a couple HIGHLY effective training techniques that are guaranteed to help you improve your game on the ice. Today, the third and final segment is available. This final video identifies all of the ESSENTIAL components of a comprehensive hockey training program. In this video, you’ll discover:

  1. How training certain qualities can lead to significant improvements in seemingly unrelated qualities (strength training improves conditioning?)
  2. 12 must-have components of a COMPREHENSIVE hockey training program
  3. The TRUE goal of off-ice training
  4. 6 variables that need to be manipulated throughout the year to optimize training progress
  5. The ULTIMATE resource to help add years and cheers to your career!

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Ultimate Hockey Training also comes with 7 outstanding bonuses from some of the top minds in hockey training and sports performance and is available for an EXTREMELY (dare I say, excessively) reasonable investment. Click the link below and pick up your copy today!

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To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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