Ultimate Hockey Training: Hockey Conditioning

I’m excited about this week. Last week all the youth teams I train killed it. They worked hard, they moved well, they listened, and they helped each other. I couldn’t ask for anything more. It creates a positive atmosphere, for them and for me, and ultimately creates an environment that culminates success. Watching players develop, both as individuals and as a team, is what makes me jump out of bed every morning. The start of the new week also means that we’re only days away from the release of my new book Ultimate Hockey Training!

Last week I released a free hockey training video outlining my transitional speed training system for hockey players. The video went through:

  1. Common problems in current hockey speed training
  2. 3 types of hockey speed and off-ice training strategies for each
  3. Why “agility” training will NOT make you a faster skater
  4. How speed training fits into a comprehensive off-ice training program
  5. How to alter your speed training depending on the time of year

I got a lot of great feedback about the video from a wide range of people-hockey players, coaches, trainers, etc. Today, I’m releasing another video on the component of hockey training that I get the 2nd most questions about: conditioning. Like speed training, conditioning is an essential part of off-ice hockey development, but is often performed in a way that doesn’t produce on-ice gains. There is always a transfer process from off-ice training to on-ice performance, but the goal is to provide the most appropriate stimulus off the ice to facilitate the most pronounced on-ice gains. Unfortunately, many off-ice conditioning practices can actually impair development more than promote it.

Click here to watch the video >> Hockey Conditioning

In this video on hockey conditioning, you’ll discover:

  1. 5 most important considerations for off-ice hockey conditioning
  2. 3 primary mechanisms that fatigue can limit your performance
  3. The most overlooked component of hockey conditioning
  4. A 3-stage progression for quickly improving this incredibly important quality!

Check out the link below to access the video. And please continue to spread the word about the videos by forwarding this link to your friends or posting a link on Facebook and Twitter. I appreciate the help and feedback!

Click here to watch the video >> Hockey Conditioning

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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