True Hockey Strength

This is what happens when you combine work ethic, raw strength, and a well-designed training program. The 1-Arm Dumbbell Hang Snatch is a great exercise to develop lower body explosiveness and force transfer through the core.
Endeavor will soon need to buy a new set of heavier dumbbells to accommodate Jamie’s dominance.

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For the sport-specific fanatics out there that can’t see how this transfers on the ice, think of it this way. Any time you give or accept a check, you begin to produce force by pushing your skates into the ground, transfer the force through your core, and continue to transfer that force through your shoulder to an ill-prepared opponent. Any time you shoot you start to generate power through your hips, transfer it through your core, and follow through with your wrists.

Training isn’t about taking a pattern from the game (e.g. shooting with a weighted stick) and overloading it to death. In fact, that can lead to muscle imbalances that increase injury risk. Training is about teaching, reinforcing, and strengthening movement strategies, power generation/transfer and creating strength balance.

Train harder. Train smarter.

– Kevin Neeld

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