Top Hockey Nutrition Posts of 2012

The “Best of 2012” series continues today with the Top Hockey Nutrition Posts of 2012. Short and sweet today, which should give you a chance to catch up on some of the articles from the previous two days!

Check out what you’ve missed:

  1. Top Hockey Training and Development Posts of 2012
  2. Top Performance Training and Injury Prevention Posts of 2012

On to the Top 3 Hockey Nutrition Posts of 2012! These posts have sparked a lot of questions through email and cover some of the hot topics in the world of hockey nutrition. If you’re interested in learning more, I highly recommend you check out Brian St. Pierre’s Ultimate Hockey Nutrition. It’s PACKED with practical information and is the single-best hockey nutrition resource I’ve ever come across!


Ultimate Hockey Nutrition


  1. A 4-Step Plan for Off-Season Weight Gain
  2. Hockey Nutrition: Grocery Shopping
  3. Pre- and Post-Game Meals for Hockey Players

Tomorrow I’ll be back with the top videos of 2012, so check back then!

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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