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I hope you’ve had a great week. I started massage school on Wednesday, and was happy to hear that I was able to test out of the two Anatomy and Physiology classes they have in the first semester. I’m hoping to test out of a business class over the Summer too. It should make tackling the program a bit more realistic given an already chaotic schedule.

This week strayed a bit from the traditional content topics here, as I was excited to announce the release of two great products. It seems like great products tend to launch in clumps, which makes it difficult for people on a limited budget to choose which direction they want to go. Either way, Eric Cressey’s lower body assessment video is completely free so be sure to check it out! Here’s what you’ve missed over the past week:

  1. Outwork Everyone (MUST READ FOR ALL PLAYERS!)
  2. Elite Training Mentorship (Read this to get Cressey’s Assessment Video)
  3. Body By Boyle Online in the Palm of Your Hands (Outstanding resource now more accessible than ever)

I’ve been busy over at this week too. Check out what you’ve missed over the last week!

Exercise Video: Chin-Ups from Sean Skahan
In this mini-article and video, Sean outlines a change he’s made to how he teaches/coaches chin-ups, which are an exercise that should be in the programs of almost all hockey players. Great tip from a coach that’s been in the NHL for 10 years now!

Hockey Training Program: 2-Day In-Season Training: Phase 4 from me
This is the 4th Phase of our in-season training program. I wrote this program for the midget teams I train, and it was originally scheduled to be the last one entering the holidays. Because of tournament weeks, and unplanned deload weeks, we actually didn’t get to it until this month, which is fine. It will likely be the last “high intensity” program of the year, as the final phase or two will have only sporadic high intensity lifts. The home stretch is the time to minimize non-hockey stresses and focus everything on the ice. It’s peaking time!

Youth Hockey Training Program: Youth Hockey Training Program Phase 2 from me
This is the second phase of the in-season program I wrote for the ’00-’02 birth years we train. The idea is to begin to implement a little bit of structured training, while being aware of their sensitive periods for the development of specific training qualities, AND in allowing them to have some fun. At this age, it’s important to remember that they’re likely going to base their opinions on training (and potentially physical activity in general) on how much fun they do or don’t have during their off-ice training. Fun is the number one priority, but some of that is delivered in how we coach, not necessarily in the exercise selection (although mirror shuffles are fun for kids!). You’ll have to excuse the demonstration of this particular drill from Matt and Karl. It looks like they were shuffling through quicksand!

Hockey Strength Podcast: Anthony Renna interviews Darryl Nelson
Anthony really does a great job with these. In episode 2 of the Hockey Strength Podcast, Anthony speaks with Darryl about set and rep schemes in hockey training programs, hockey conditioning, and several of Darryl’s articles. Be sure to give this a listen!

If you have some extra time on your hands, last week’s update featured a ridiculous amount of content, so go back and read through anything you haven’t finished!

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That’s a wrap for today. As always, if you aren’t a member yet, I encourage you to try out Hockey Strength and Conditioning for a week. It’ll only cost $1, and if it’s not the best buck you’ve ever spent, I’ll personally refund you!

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