This Week at Hockey Strength and Conditioning

If you aren’t a member of Hockey Strength and Conditioning, you’re missing a lot of great stuff. Over the last two weeks we’ve added:

Webinar: In-Season Assessment and Rehab of a Back and Groin Injury from Jaime Rodriguez (Worcester Sharks)

Program: Off-Season Goalie Plyometric Progressions from Mike Potenza (San Jose Sharks)

Video: Lateral MiniBand Walk Correction from me (Endeavor Hockey)

Article: Did We Ever Need an Aerobic Base? from Michael Boyle (Boston University & MBSC)

Program: Off-Season Phase 3 Strength Training from Sean Skahan (Anaheim Ducks)

Video: Bent Leg Adduction with a Pilates Ring from Michael Boyle (Boston University & MBSC)

Article: Recap of the Long Beach Perform Better Summit from Chris Pietrzak-Wegner (Minnesota Wild)

I’m not sure how long this will last, but as of today, you can get access to all of these articles, programs, and videos, for only a $1! Click the link below for more information about Hockey Strength and Conditioning!

To your continued success,

Kevin Neeld