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Another great content week over at Hockey Strength and Conditioning! Check out what you’ve been missing:

Video: Front Split Squat with Chains from Sean Skahan

Great variable loading exercise from Coach Skahan. These exercises are designed to unload the legs/hips during the ranges of motion when that musculature isn’t as strong (or is at a mechanical disadvantage), and overload the legs/hips at the ranges of motion when they’re stronger.

Article: If You Don’t Have Time, Make Time! A Daily Approach to Training the Hip Musculature and Core from Mike Potenza

This isn’t an article as much as it is a program. Coach Potenza outlines four unique core training workouts to target all the musculature around the hips and torso.

Videos: Dryland Skating Exercises, Part 2 from Darryl Nelson

These were cool. Coach Nelson posted these videos in response to a forum thread asking about what strength and conditioning coaches were doing off the ice, if anything, to help improve skating mechanics on the ice. Great stuff here coming from the U.S. National Development Program.

Program: In-Season Hockey Training Program (2x/Week) from me

Endeavor’s 2-day per week in-season hockey training program. As always, everything is laid out here from exercise selection to set and rep schemes.

Article: How to Choose a Personal Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Coach for Your Son and/or Daughter from Sean Skahan

Four great guidelines from Coach Skahan on how to sort through all the “hockey specific training” crap out there and find a quality coach for your son/daughter to work with. As a coach, these are things we should all be familiar with as well.

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