This Week at Hockey Strength and Conditioning

Holy content over at Hockey Strength and Conditioning over the last couple weeks. I just got caught up on all the new additions and forum posts yesterday, and there have been a lot of incredibly insightful additions (including some first time contributors!). Check out what you’ve been missing:


  1. Friesen Physio-Fitness Summit Recap from me
  2. Treatment and Prevention of Sports Hernia from Ron J. Higuera D.C., M.S., ART
  3. MMA for Hockey Players? from Mike Boyle
  4. Goaltender Specific Movement Training- The Drop Step from Devan McConnell
  5. Why Athletes Should Avoid The Bars (An intemperate look at barbell-centric training) from Steve Myrland
  6. It’s Not About the Bike “The Specificity of Training” from Matt Nichol
  7. Interview with San Jose Sharks player Joe Pavelski- Successful physical development requires a relentless work ethic from Mike Potenza
  8. Little Known Fact from Michael Boyle


  1. High Box Step-Up from Mike Boyle
  2. Dryland Skating Exercises from Darryl Nelson

Audio Interviews:

  1. Sean Skahan Pre-Season Audio Interview from Anthony Renna
  2. Mike Potenza Pre-Season Audio Interview from Anthony Renna

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