This Week at Hockey Strength and Conditioning

Check out what you missed this week at Hockey Strength and Conditioning!

Program/Article: Late Off-Season Workout from Maria Mountain
Maria’s program was from early August when her players weren’t skating on a daily basis yet. As such, the goals of the problem were improving max strength and metabolic conditioning through circuit training.

Program: Lower Back Re-Conditioning-Phase 2 from Sean Skahan
This program demonstrates how Sean reintegrates a player with a recent history of low back problems back to health. It’s always interesting to see how the best of the best put together their programs. Seeing programs from Coach Skahan, Coach Potenza and Coach Boyle is one of the coolest parts about the site.

Video: Multi-Planar Hip Mobility and Activation Exercises from me
These are three videos a few of my favorite hip mobility and activation exercises. The intro to this article also briefly describes how a single conversation with Nick Tumminello led me to rewriting all of my warm-ups!

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