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Great posts this week at Hockey Strength and Conditioning!

Article: Strength Training Takes on Many Forms from Sean Skahan

Awesome article from Sean. This is one of those “must-reads” for parents of young hockey players and any coach (or strength coach) that works with young players. Sean does a great job of explaining how we need to broaden our look on what strength training encompasses and how it will impact development.

Video: Goalie Plyo Variations from Mike Potenza

I’m always interested to see what other coaches are doing for goalies. Mike put together two video series of really interesting jumping progressions that he uses in San Jose. I really like the thought process behind these and will probably start to incorporate these exercises into my future programs for both players and goalies.

The forum has stayed pretty active with some great questions on the rationale for specific exercises (and their order) within bar complexes and some off-ice skating technique exercises.

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