This Week at Hockey Strength and Conditioning

This week was a little slower over at Hockey Strength and Conditioning, but there was still some great content.

Article: Interval Training Questions from Michael Boyle

This is a great Q&A from Boyle that covers some of the more frequently asked questions regarding interval training. His response to “the best way to calculate max heart rate” is both spot on…and comical.

Program: Training Camp Workouts from Mike Potenza

Seeing programs from other coaches, especially those as highly esteemed as Boyle, Potenza, and Sean Skahan is one of my favorite parts about being a member at You get to see EXACTLY how the coaches that have helped developed thousands of elite level players put together their programs at different times of the year, and if something doesn’t make sense, you can just hop over to the forum and ask them directly.

There is also a great discussion going on at the forum about how to design team training programs for different settings. This really resonated with me as we’re revamping our team programs at Endeavor for the dozen teams we have that play in the rink next door.

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