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Check out what you missed this week over at Hockey Strength and Conditioning!

Article: Leadership Lessons from the NHL from me
A recap of the most important lessons I learned from my 1st NHL training camp. From talking to Coach Potenza, this is stuff that we agree all coaches AND players should know.

Article: How Should I Strength Train Leading Up to Training Camp? from Mike Potenza
A great description of the off-ice training protocols Coach Potenza uses with the San Jose Sharks to prepare them for training camp.

Video: 10-Rep Cluster Bench Press from Sean Skahan
Clusters are a great way to build strength. Cool video from Coach Skahan.

Video: Rear Foot Elevated Jump from Michael Boyle
A single-leg plyo exercise from Coach Boyle. This would be a great one to use in conjunction with a back leg raised split squat if you’re into pairing strength and power exercises.

Video: Goblet Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat from Ben Bruno
I was exhausted just watching this video!

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