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I have some exciting news for you. Earlier this week I had an opportunity to make a trip up to Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. While there, I got to talk to both Coach Boyle and Kevin Larrabee (the co-brains behind BodyByBoyleOnline). If you haven’t already registered, NOW is the time to check it out. Coach Boyle recently filmed his three most valuable lectures and is offering them on DVDs. If you’re a BodyByBoyleOnline member, you get them for FREE! The three lectures are:

ACL Reduction was filmed at the MBSC Winter Seminar in 2010  and looks at ACL prevention from a training standpoint. This is about a 50 minute lecture that outlines a multi-step program of training to prevent ACL injury. Coach Boyle states that this is better than any of the ACL prevention programs he’s seen marketed commercially.

Training the Overweight Client documents the steps Coach Boyle took to help a client lose over 100 lbs. in three months. This is a real common sense lecture that looks at the real problems with obese clients. Don’t expect any watered down “go for a walk” stuff or any Biggest Loser stupidity from this one. Boyle actually gave this lecture in 2008 and 2009 on the Perform Better tour.

Hips and Hernias will appeal to the athletic training and physical therapy crowd. This lecture is the same one Coach Boyle gave to the NHL Strength and Conditioning Coaches in 2010 as well as at a few sports medicine seminars. Hips and hernias looks at the near epidemic of sports hernia and hip surgery in sport and how to prevent it.

Each of these retails for just under $40 ($39.95 through Perform Better). You could get all three for $120 (a lot of money, but not a bad deal at all). When I was at MBSC I grabbed Kevin Larrabee for a bit and talked to him about the site. He mentioned that they sold out the first 500 spots that were reserved at a special discount price, but were extending the offer for another 150 spots. What I didn’t realize, and what Kevin informed me about, is that this will lock in that price for you forever. In other words, when the price of the site inevitably goes up, you won’t have to pay more if you get in at the intro price ($59.97).

If you’re half as thrifty as I am, you’ll recognize that you can get access to $120 worth of DVDs for only $60. That, in my mind, easily justifies the price of admission. If you aren’t already a member, check it out now by clicking the image below.

On to this week at Hockey Strength and Conditioning. Check out what you missed!

Article: Rules for Training a Hockey Team from Jaime Rodriguez
As you know by now, I’m somewhat of a science nerd. To that end, I really enjoy learning new exercises to capitalize on new information regarding functional anatomy and biomechanics. What can get los in this approach is the art of coaching. In reality, it doesn’t matter how smart you are if you don’t know how to coach your athletes to do what you want. Jaime’s article is excellent in that it outlines several different ways to improve your coaching strategies. I’m hoping Jaime continues to contribute this type of stuff to the site. It’s a great addition.

Article: Powerful Influence of Posture from me
This article approaches hockey training from a more scientific and less “artistic” standpoint. I wrote this article as a means of presenting several of the topics I learned from the Postural Restoration Institute and how they can be applied to hockey players. I may be biased, but I think this is one of the most interesting articles that I’ve contributed. Go to the site and check it out!

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