The Truth About Strength and Power Training

There’s no denying the importance of developing strength and power for optimal sports performance. In fact, strength and power really create the foundation for speed, which is one of the key qualities that determines whether an athlete will be successful at any given level. Unfortunately, most training programs leave a lot to be desired and may be missing a few key ingredients that are preventing you from making the progress you’re after.

Fortunately, Mike Robertson is back with another webinar to fill you in on some of the training secrets to help you develop the strength and power that will distinguish you in your sport!

Watch the video now >>> The Truth About Strength and Power Training

A few of the highlights:

  1. How fighting your body to get stronger is actually making you weaker and more prone to injury.
  2. Why a poor training foundation has robbed you of strength and power – along with ways to fix it quickly!
  3. Exercise progressions and regressions to make sure you’re using the right exercises for you.
  4. Why everyone should be training power – whether you’re 18 or 85.

Mike Robertson Deadlift

This guy knows a thing or two about strength training!

In addition to hundreds of high school and college athletes in a wide range of sports, Mike has successfully trained powerlifters and Olympians, the two extremes of strength and power. If you want to take your strength and power to new levels, this is a must-watch video! As with his video on mobility, this one is 100% FREE, but will only be around for a couple days. Don’t miss it!

Watch the video now >>> The Truth About Strength and Power Training

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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