The Secret to Accidental Fitness

This week I’ve shared with you two blog posts in which Dr John Berardi talks about losing body weight (and body fat).

The first one talks about how important incentives are for changing your body.  And it goes on to incentivize you with a

whopping $10,000.

Could The Chance To Win $10,000 Help You Get In Shape?


The second one shows you how to coerce yourself into sticking to the plan, even when the motivation wanes.

Enter “the best kept secret in weight loss.”


Finally, today, I have one last post to share.  In this one, Dr Berardi talks about something called “accidental success.”

For most people fitness is a struggle.  Others, however, seem to sail through life; they’re lean, fit, and strong, and they

seem to do it effortlessly.  Almost…by accident.

No, it’s not genetics.  It’s something else.  Something you too can use to get into the best shape of your life.

Learn the secret to accidental fitness



-Kevin Neeld

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