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The Myth of In-Season Maintenance

Today I’m excited to share another guest article from Mike Potenza, which he wrote for Mike Robertson’s site this week.

How athletes address their in-season training can have a profound impact on their speed, power, strength, and overall energy throughout the season.

This is particularly important as a failed in-season plan will lead to maximal detraining late in the season, when athletes are expected to perform at their best.

Click here to read >> The Myth of In-Season Maintenance

In this article, Mike shares:

  • The challenges he faced when designing programs in the NHL compared to college
  • The physical and mental harm caused by a “maintenance” mentality
  • A simple chart to better understand how often you need to train certain qualities
  • The importance of having a system for tracking workload and training progress

This is a quick read, but has a lot of important information. Check it out at the link below!

Click here to read >> The Myth of In-Season Maintenance

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Mike dedicated an entire presentation to diving into his in-season training model, benchmarking strategies, and practical examples!

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