The Key to Optimal Mental Performance

Last week, we agreed that mental preparation is essential to athletic success. I’ve read through a lot of articles and books related to mental preparation for athletics and frankly, I’ve been disappointed. My colleague and friend Kim McCullough has put together the best step-by-step guide to preparing mentally for the game of hockey that I’ve ever come across. Specifically, she details how to focus, build confidence, and maintain composure during hockey competitions. I wish I had this while I was playing!

Kim’s The Best Hockey Season Ever also comes with:

1) A 16-week in-season training program with off- and on-ice drills (with exercise descriptions)

2) Detailed nutrition information specific to the game of hockey including pre-game and post-exercise recommendations to maximize performance and facilitate recovery

3) Off-ice warm-ups with in-depth exercise descriptions

4) A 4-month off-season training program

5) 18 weeks of on-ice conditioning drills

6) A complete recovery guide including exercise and nutrition strategies

I was excited to see that someone has taken the time and energy to put together such a comprehensive manual for youth hockey players and coaches. A manual like this is long overdue. I couldn’t say enough good things about it. I think every youth player and coach should have a copy. Take a look at the link below and email me with any questions you may have about it (

Click here for more information on Kim’s The Best Hockey Season Ever

– Kevin Neeld

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