The First SIMPLE Step to Improving Your Hockey Performance

On Monday I posted 13 questions every hockey player and coach should have the answers to if they’re serious about training to fulfill their hockey potential.  

The list is extensive, but not all-inclusive.  From consulting with coaches and players throughout the years, I know considering all those forms of training can be a bit intimidating.  

The most logical first question is, “Where do I start?”

The most effective first step in developing a successful hockey training program you can make is to add a well-designed dynamic warm-up  before EVERY off- and on-ice session (yes, every one-this means before games AND practices!).  

What’s a dynamic warm-up?  

I’ll tell you what it’s not!  It’s NOT a slow jog around the rink and 15 minutes of stretching.  That’s similar to how I prepare for bed at night…not for high-intensity training.  

A dynamic warm-up should increase your heart rate, improve range of motion around “activity-specific” joints, increase body temperature, and increase the neural drive to working muscles.  

I know it’s Friday so I won’t drag on too long here.  Start to think about adding a dynamic warm-up to all of your training sessions, whether they’re in the weight room, on the track, or on the ice.  Start by considering the movement requirements of ice hockey.  A couple hints:

  1. The range of motion the shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles go through during a game
  2. The directions of the movements and directional changes involved in the movements
  3. The speed and intensity of the movements

Stay tuned over the next couple weeks. I’ll walk you through exactly how I design my dynamic warm-up programs.  

Have a great weekend!

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