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The Essentials of Exercise and Fitness Nutrition

I was digging through some emails that I missed earlier in the week and saw that Dr. John Berardi is offering a FREE 5-day video course on exercise and fitness nutrition. The course will dive into:

  1. How to integrate nutrition in a health, fitness, or athletic environment
  2. How exactly to assess someone’s nutrition needs
  3. How to devise a nutrition plan based on that assessment
  4. What stats to measure and how exactly to measure them
  5. How to optimize a nutrition plan based on those stats

I’ve learned a TON of incredibly valuable nutrition information from Dr. Berardi; he continues to be my “go to resource” for current dietary strategies to help alter body composition and maximize performance and recovery. It’s rare that someone of his caliber will give away such valuable information, so I strongly encourage you to sign up for the free course while it’s still available! Go to the link below for more information.

Click here >> The Essentials of Exercise and Fitness Nutrition

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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Kevin Neeld

Kevin Neeld Knows Hockey

Kevin has rapidly established himself as a leader in the field of physical preparation and sports science for ice hockey. He is currently the Head Performance Coach for the Boston Bruins, where he oversees all aspects of designing and implementing the team’s performance training program, as well as monitoring the players’ performance, workload and recovery. Prior to Boston, Kevin spent 2 years as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the San Jose Sharks after serving as the Director of Performance at Endeavor Sports Performance in Pitman, NJ. He also spent 5 years as a Strength and Conditioning Coach with USA Hockey’s Women’s Olympic Hockey Team, and has been an invited speaker at conferences hosted by the NHL, NSCA, and USA Hockey.