The Difference Between a 1-Leg Squat and 1-Leg Deadlift

After talking to Nick Tumminello, I changed the way I do 1-leg squats.  I used to do them with the “up leg” out in front.  Some people call this a pistol squat (I hate that name).  Now I do them with the up leg behind the body.

I made the switch from the “up leg in front” to “up leg in back” in the middle of this summer.  In my afternoon hockey training group at Endeavor, I wrote a 1-leg squat and 1-leg deadlift into the same training session.

Switching to the “up leg in back” version of the 1-leg squat prompted a lot of my athletes to ask what the difference was between them.  This really got me thinking.  Watch these videos and see if you can pick up on the differences between these two.  It’s pretty subtle.

1-Leg Squat


1-Leg Deadlift


-Kevin Neeld

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