The Best Kept Secret in Weight (and Fat) Loss

The other day I sent out an email link to a video of Dr John Berardi talking about his two latest programs – Lean Eating For Men and Lean Eating For Women.


Far and away, the most frequent questions had to do with his $20,000 prize – $10,000 to the top female winner and $10,000 to the top male winner.

Click here to check out the blog post announcing this amazing prize:



Now, today, I want to share with you a post covering the flip side of the 10K prize.  In other words, if the prize is the carrot, today’s video talks about the stick.


You see, Dr. Berardi’s a coaching expert.  In fact, he’s probably the most successful nutrition coach in the health and fitness business.

And after speaking with him, I realized that there’s something powerful to this idea.

You see, the biggest transformations – body transformations or otherwise – are accomplished when people have big incentives.

And I’d say 10 thousand bucks qualifies as a big incentive all right.

But big inspiring goals also need some potential punishment. Or, some risk.

And in today’s video, Dr Berardi shows you how to coerce yourself into sticking to the plan, even when the motivation wanes.

Enter “the best kept secret in weight loss.”


So, if you’re REALLY interested in changing your body and you’d like a little extra incentive for doing so, this is definitely a program you need to check out.

Again, this message is time sensitive.  From what I hear there are A LOT of people clamoring to get in on the program.

So check out these posts below.  I know you won’t be disappointed.

Could The Chance To Win $10,000 Help You Get In Shape?


The Best Kept Secret In Weight Loss


-Kevin Neeld

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