Colby Cohen

I have spent the last 5 years training with Kevin. In that time, we have done everything from off-ice training, nutrition planning, soft-tissue, deep tissue, and hip capsule mobilization work, and more. The list of all the things Kevin has done with me in my training process is endless. I have always been very particular in my training and have had a lot of injuries and structural limitations in my body that I’ve needed to work around. In order to stay at the top level of hockey, its extremely important to do be fluid in many areas. This hasn’t affected my training one bit, as Kevin has individualized and altered my programs to fit my specific needs.

From the day I first walked into Endeavor until now I have really fallen in love with Kevin’s coaching style and his care for what he does. I have worked with some of the “top” people in the world, and can honestly say that Kevin stands above the rest. I have never met a strength coach who works harder than he does. Simply, he cares. I look forward to continuing to work with Kevin, and learning from him, as his stuff is always changing and he is always keeping me on my toes with my training, rehab, and nutrition.