Last week I had an opportunity to join Anthony Renna on the Strength Coach Podcast to discuss our upcoming seminar Optimizing Adaptation and Performance.

During the interview, we discussed:

  • My assessment and performance profiling process and how it influences program design
  • Specific examples of how to train around ankle mobility limitations
  • Strategies to individualize training programs in group settings
  • Workload and recovery monitoring
  • The importance of integrating skill/sport coaches into discussions on training goals
The podcast is available here: Optimizing Adaptation & Performance with Kevin Neeld
If you have any questions about the podcast or the seminar, feel free to post them in the comments section below.
To your success,
Kevin Neeld
P.S. We’re less than two weeks out from our seminar. If you’re interested in learning a comprehensive model of athlete performance, including the assessment and analysis tools, as well as programming, recovery, nutrition and supplementation strategies to best serve the individual needs of today’s athlete, check out this link: Optimizing Adaptation and Performance.