Some great new additions to Hockey Strength and Conditioning this week from coaches that have a profoundly successful history training pro hockey players:

Video: TRX Lateral Line from Sean Skahan
Coach Skahan presents an interesting core training exercise using the TRX. This was one of those videos that gave me ideas for a half dozen other exercises. Great stuff.

Program: Phase 2 for an NHL or College Player from Michael Boyle
A sample training program for elite level players from a coach that has trained more elite level hockey players than anyone else in the world. Not a bad resource to look at!

Article: VO2 Max Testing from Jaime Rodriguez
Jaime is currently working as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Worcester Sharks, the AHL affiliate for San Jose. This is a great article addressing the appropriateness/importance of using VO2 as a quantitative measure for hockey players.

Article: How do you customize or individualize a workout for a hockey player? from Mike Potenza
Coach Potenza outlines how, why and when to customize training programs for specific individuals. This is a great look into his personal coaching philosophy, which has developed from years of education and experience.

If you aren’t a member yet, you’re missing out big time! The forums have been as busy as ever with great content, including a post with heart rate data from an elite level player during a game, and a grad student inquiring about NHL/AHL internships. For less than $10/month, you won’t find more powerful content anywhere.

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