In an effort to constantly improve, one phrase that I often repeat to myself is:

“If you want better answers, you have to ask better questions.”

With this in mind, I enjoy reading articles and listening to presentations that are more theoretical in nature and pose a lot of questions, but don’t necessarily provide the answers.

This, I suspect, is very frustrating for others as most people tend to take the “just give me the fish” option, when available. This isn’t always a bad thing, as having practical applications can often help a coach envision how they can manipulate their own programs for the better.

That said, blindly following another coach’s suggestions without a full understanding of their philosophy, supporting theory, rationale, etc. can be foolish, if not dangerous.

Last week I came across an article on velocity based training, that I enjoyed reading. For those of you that aren’t familiar, velocity based training, in this context, is simply tracking/manipulating the speed of bar movement in various exercises to elicit specific training responses (e.g. improved speed).


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This is becoming an increasingly pertinent subject, as technology is making tracking bar velocity much easier/less expensive. However, as with any technological advancement, the ease of use will quickly lead to a complication of interpretation.

This article from Carl Valle poses a lot of good questions about the transfer of this type of training to actual speed changes, and makes a few suggestions on how to make better use of the thought process, as well as the technology. Check it out at the link below!

Improve your programs >> Velocity Based Training

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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