If you’re like me, and almost every client I’ve ever worked with, you’ve asked the “what supplement should I take for…” at least once throughout your playing or training career.

Unfortunately, this question has become harder and harder for most people to figure out on their own because there is SO much misinformation out there.

And, frankly, the supplement industry as a whole is known for being fraudulent.

With that said, for the last couple of years I’ve relied heavily on the expertise of the folks over at Examine.com to provide unbiased research-driven evidence on what supplements work, which don’t. and which may be downright harmful.

Not only are these guys on top of all the latest research, but they don’t actually sell supplements, so there’s no conflict of interest for them when making suggestions about certain supplements. In other words, they don’t have to spin a story to drive product sales. They just tell it how it is.

I was a HUGE fan of their Supplement-Goals Reference Guide (See: The Best Supplement Resource Ever), but the material was a little overwhelming as there was still a lot to sift through to get to the exact information you wanted.

That’s why I was so excited to hear from Sol Orwell, one of Examine.com’s founders, about their new “Stack Guides“.

They basically put together a very clear manual for each health or training goal that tells you:

  1. Which base supplements to take
  2. Which supplements are proven to work
  3. Which supplements may work, but don’t have enough evidence to fully support
  4. Which supplements are overhyped and should be avoided (or used with caution)
  5. How to assemble your supplement protocol based on your specific goals
  6. How to modify or troubleshoot your regimen

Examine Supplement Guides

Click here for more information >> Examine.com Stack Guides

Today they’re releasing 16 individual guides on:

  1. Testosterone Enhancement
  2. Fat Loss
  3. Muscle Gain & Exercise Performance
  4. Bone Health
  5. Joint Health
  6. Sleep Quality
  7. Libido and Sexual Enhancement
  8. Mood and Depression
  9. Vegetarianism/Veganism
  10. Insulin Sensitivity
  11. Heart Health
  12. Memory and Focus
  13. Skin and Hair Quality
  14. Liver Health
  15. Allergies and Immunity
  16. Seniors

I had an opportunity to read through them and they’re pretty cool. They did a great job of keeping things simple so you don’t need to be a Registered Dietician to understand the information and how to apply it.

I was particularly interested in the “Muscle Gain and Exercise Performance”, “Sleep Quality”, and “Joint Health” manuals as these are the areas I think will benefit our clientele the most. That said, one of the major benefits of this type of package for someone in my position is that it allows me to quickly reference a particular guide based on the unique needs of an individual client. In other words, while I may not deal with a large proportion of clients with allergy and immune system dysfunctions, when this person walks into our facility, I can quickly scan the appropriate manual to see if there is anything I could recommend to help boost their progress.

This will inevitably be a resource that I continue referencing over the years to come, as they’ve made it so easy to quickly look up which supplements provide the most “bang for your buck” for specific goals and how to use them.

They’re offering the set of manuals at an introductory rate through Saturday, so if you’re interested in grabbing a copy and saving some loot, check out this page for more information >>Examine.com Stack Guides

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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