With the release of Speed Training for Hockey, I realize you may have some questions about the book and program. Check out the Q&A below, and if I missed anything, feel free to ask your question(s) by responding to this email:

What exactly is Speed Training for Hockey?

    Speed Training for Hockey is a 150-page book that dissects all aspects of speed development for ice hockey players. It includes three 12-week training programs for players in the U-14, 14-18, and 18+ age groups, and a video database of all the exercises included in the programs.

*You can choose to order either a physical or digital copy of the book. When you order, you’ll receive immediate access to a digital version of the book (including the programs) and the video database.

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Is this more for strength and conditioning coaches or for hockey coaches, players, and parents?

    While performance coaches will benefit from reading the book, Speed Training for Hockey is written specifically for hockey coaches, players, and parents. The goal was to give players highly effective off-ice speed training programs, all of the resources they need to implement the program specifically, and powerful tips on how to maximize speed on the ice.

What if I don’t know how to perform the exercises?

    The video database has a demonstration of each exercise within the program, and the book includes a section outlining the most powerful coaching cues I use regularly with hockey players to maximize the safety and effectiveness of each exercise.

What if I don’t have the equipment needed to do the program?

    There is a section in the book specifically devoted to answering this question. In short, almost every exercise can be substituted with an alternative without losing the effectiveness/intent of the original exercise. The book provides alternative options for the most common equipment limitations.

Does the program include conditioning work?

    This is a GREAT question. It doesn’t matter how fast you are if you can’t repeat high speed efforts consistently. Conditioning for this repeat sprint ability requires specific methods and strategies that differ drastically from what most players do to “get in shape.” These methods are integrated within the training programs, so players can maximize both their speed, and their consistency.

Is this a one-time purchase or are their recurring payments?

    This is a one-time purchase. When you buy Speed Training for Hockey, you get the book, training programs, and the video database so you can download all of them and refer to them again and again.

What if I want the physical book and a digital copy?

   That’s easy – when you buy a physical copy of the book, you ALSO receive a digital copy. Some people (myself included) prefer to have a hard copy of the book, but digital versions are easier to search for specific things. So if you don’t mind paying for shipping, you can get both versions, physical and digital, for the same base cost as only buying the digital version.

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To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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Since publishing Ultimate Hockey Training in 2011, I received three specific pieces of feedback repeatedly.

The first was a request for programs.

    This is pretty straight forward. For many hockey coaches, players, and parents, they just wanted to know exactly what to do, not necessarily all the “whys”.

    And for performance coaches, seeing programs helps provide visual examples of how all the pieces fit together.

The second was a question that came up over and over – “What do I need to do to get quicker/faster?”

    As the game continues to get faster, speed becomes a huge factor in whether players are able to successfully compete at a certain level.

    A general strength and conditioning program will likely be helpful for most people, there are definitely specific considerations if a player’s primary goal is to improve speed.

Lastly, many of the hockey coaches, players, and parents wanted simpler language.

    Here’s the thing – I really wrote Ultimate Hockey Training for “performance” professionals. There was a lot of foundational science and industry “lingo” that was tough to follow without a background in kinesiology/exercise science.

I said in my last email that I really appreciated your feedback, and I meant it.

In fact, your feedback led directly to the creation of Speed Training for Hockey.

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My goal in writing Speed Training for Hockey was simple…

Put together a comprehensive resource on all topics related to speed development for hockey written in language that can be easily understood by hockey coaches, players, and parents.

In Speed Training for Hockey, you’ll learn:

  • Age-specific training strategies to help optimize speed across different stages of development
  • Technique tips for improving speed both off and on the ice
  • Simple tests to identify range of motion limitations that will prevent you from getting into your ideal skating position
  • The specific physical qualities that you need to develop to maximize your speed potential
  • The most effective foundational nutrition and recovery methods to help you compete at high speeds consistently
  • Powerful strategies to help maximize your game-speed and give you a competitive advantage over your competition

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    And to take the guesswork completely out of this process, you’ll also get access to three 12-week off-season training programs designed for players in the U-14 (PeeWees), 14-18 (Bantams & Midgets), and 18+ (Juniors and College) age groups.

    These programs integrate all of the information in the book to provide you with everything you need to maximize your speed development AND your ability to repeat that high-speed efforts consistently over the course of a game.

    This includes warm-up, speed/acceleration, power, strength, conditioning, and flexibility work, all specifically designed to make players faster.

    The programs are accompanied by a video database, so you can see exactly how to correctly perform all of the exercises, and tips on how to make adjustments if you’re missing certain pieces of equipment.

    Simply, short of including a power skating coach, Speed Training for Hockey includes everything you need to maximize your speed development.

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As always, feel free to post any questions you may have below.

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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