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Speed Training for Hockey is a ~150 page book that dissects every essential element to improving on-ice speed, including topics ranging from land-based acceleration work to optimal skating technique, strength training for increased rate of force development, and even the in-game tactical aspects of hockey speed.

The book includes three 12-week off-season training programs designed for players in the U-14 (PeeWees), 14-18 (Bantams & Midgets), and 18+ (Juniors and College) age groups.

These programs integrate all of the information in the book to provide you with everything you need to maximize your speed development AND your ability to repeat high-speed efforts consistently over the course of a game.

The programs are accompanied by a video database, so you can see exactly how to correctly perform all of the exercises, and tips on how to make adjustments if you’re missing certain pieces of equipment.

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One of the biggest misconceptions in off-ice speed training is that players simply need to run more sprints to get faster. While on- and off-ice speed correlate, a deeper look at the movement characteristics of skating will allow players to train using methods that will have a better transfer to on-ice speed than sprinting at max speed.

Last week, I had an article published on Athletes Acceleration called Speed Training Methods for Hockey that dives into this very issue.

The article discusses:

  • Physical characteristics essential for developing speed on the ice, and how these differ from developing off-ice speed
  • How sprinting patterns change with distance and how this affects the transfer to on-ice speed
  • Three training implications to maximize on-ice speed through off-ice training

The article even touches on the relationship between the release of Nicholas Cage movies and the number of people that drown in swimming pools!

Check it out here: Speed Training Methods for Hockey

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