A couple weeks ago I attended the Boston Hockey Summit, a hockey-specific seminar hosting collegiate and professional strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapists and hip surgeons, and a professional power skating coach. This was right up my alley!

My hope is that more of these seminars will pop up across the country and that more youth hockey coaches will start to attend. I hate to say it, but most youth programs are completely in the dark with regards to how to develop their athletes…and the lights are getting dimmer.

Michael Boyle gave a great presentation outlining why year-round hockey is a horrible choice for development. This is in strong opposition to the current theme of early specialization. The take home message was clear: To develop an elite athlete, they should play multiple sports through high school, and follow a well-designed training program. I understand it’s hard for youth coaches to really have the knowledge to put together a comprehensive training program for an entire team. That’s one of the reasons I spent the time to put together my hockey training course!

Over the next week I’ll go over some of the other great ideas I took from the seminar. Hopefully I’ll see you there next year!

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Whether you’re an ice hockey enthusiast or strength and conditioning professional, you won’t want to miss this opportunity!

After my longwinded talk about the importance of education (and continuing education) last week, I thought I should forward this along to you.  Eric Cressey just sent me an email letting me know about Strength and Conditioning Webinars, a site that Anthony Renna put together to make it easier for all of us to hear presentations from the best in the industry.

Strength and Conditioning Webinars is a brilliant idea.  Presenters like Eric Cressey, Mike Boyle, Mike Robertson, Gray Cook, Alwyn Cosgrove, and Joe Heiler (just to name a few) are able to present their power points online, so you get to see their presentation and hear their voice dubbed over each slide.  It’s a great opportunity for you and I to get high quality information without the inconveniences and high costs of attending live presentations.

This is the best part.  Attending most seminars will cost you between $100-$300 PER day!  Anthony, for some reason, is only charging $29.99/month for a membership to Strength and Conditioning Webinars.  Each month you’ll get access to at least two new webinars from the best coaches and minds in the industry and access to presenter forums so you can ask any questions you may have.

Even better, for the people that recognize this as a no-brainer, Anthony is offering a special intro rate of only $19.99/month for those that sign up by Monday, June 8th.  If you pay for the entire year at once, you’ll save another $40, as the price for the year is only $199.

With all the crap that’s circulating the internet these days, it’s rare to find an opportunity that offers such an incredible value.  Every time I hear a presentation from one of the presenters on Strength and Conditioning Webinars I change some aspect of the way I train my athletes.

For my hockey audience, Michael Boyle is the world’s expert on training ice hockey players.  The last few presentations I’ve seen him give on youth hockey and hockey injuries are ones that EVERYONE involved with hockey should see/hear.  Knowing that he’s on the site is worth the price of admission by himself.

Go to Strength and Conditioning Webinars and check it out for yourself.  Remember, after June 8th the price goes up!

Kevin Neeld

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