Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve come across a few interesting articles I know you’ll enjoy. Check them out below:

1) No More Pulled Hamstrings by Mike Robertson

Mike continues to punch out great information on a consistent basis. This article highlights a multi-faceted approach to minimizing hamstring strain risk. While this is focused on hamstring strains, this same thought process can be applied to muscle strain prevention across the entire body. Great stuff from Mike.

2) Three New Core Exercises for Goalies by Maria Mountain

Maria is one of the few people writing about hockey training on the internet that can back her recommendations with actual real-world experience. As a result, her site is one of the only ones I consistently look to for new information on the topic. In this post she shares a few new core exercises that she’s been using to train goalies. I’d extend the exercises to say they’re appropriate for hockey players at all positions (and almost all other team sport athletes). We use variations of all of these at our facility regularly.

3) Athlete Monitoring on a Budget – An Experience by John Abreu

This is an article that I originally learned about from Devan McConnell, and I’m glad he shared it. This approach is very similar to what I’ve introduced with the Flyers Junior Team and our off-season hockey players at Endeavor, and what our staff has implemented with the US Women’s National Hockey Team. The key is to really boil down your metrics to things that have meaning to you (and/or your coaching staff) and preferably things you can influence (e.g. training loads, sleep hours, soreness, etc.).

Finally, below is a video from the 2014 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference featuring a panel comprised of Malcom Gladwell (Author of Outliers: The Story of Success, among others) and David Epstein (Author of The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance). It’s a long video, but it makes for a great listen if you can cue it up on your phone and listen (please do not watch) while you drive.

Feel free to post any comments you have below!

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