I wanted to switch things up a bit to start this week off and feature some work from other people that I’ve really enjoyed. If you’re having a tough time shaking off the weekend and need an outlet to kill some time while you’re pretending to work, this is it!

These articles, in one way or another, all directly relate to the off-ice training of hockey players. In some cases, the author refers to athletes in a different sport (e.g. soccer), but the principle still applies to hockey players. Enjoy! And if you have any questions or comments about the articles, post them below!

  1. Sounders Sports Science and Mentorship Weekend In Review: Lessons Learned by Patrick Ward
  2. The Complexity of It All: Food for Thought by Patrick Ward
  3. Early Rehab for Anterior Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip Injuries by Jeff Cubos
  4. How to Improve Quickness: Understanding Shin Angles by Brijesh Patel via Eric Cressey
  5. Post-Workout Stretches for Hockey Players by David Lasnier
  6. How Injuries Actually Happen by David Lasnier
  7. Overhead Work and Shoulder Flexion Limitation by David Lasnier
  8. Hip Range of Motion & Groin Strains of Soccer Players by Matt Siniscalchi
  9. Producing Power without the Hang Clean by Matt Siniscalchi

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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