Today I have INCREDIBLY exciting news!

Over the last several years, we’ve been quietly working on creating a new performance apparel company that uses the best combination of innovative fabrics, comfortable/functional fit, and style.

And after years of development (and a ton of hard work), we officially launched our new apparel company, Endeavor Athletic, via an IndieGoGo campaign earlier this week.

Three Ways To Get Involved:

  1. Contribute: Help support our first production line by investing in one of our packages (or a signed Gaudreau jersey!)
  2. Watch the video and spread the word: If you can’t contribute, you can still help by sharing the video with your friends, teammates, colleagues, etc. A quick note on Facebook or Twitter that says “check out this new performance apparel line from Endeavor Athletic” with a link to the video ( is a huge help.
  3. Follow Us and ask questions: Like our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter (@EndeavorAth), and check out our pictures on Instagram. Through all of these channels, and in the comments section of our IndieGoGo campaign, ask any questions you have about what makes our apparel different and share comments about what you do or don’t like about your current training, under-equipment, and outerwear apparel. We take your comments VERY seriously as they’ll help shape future product designs.

Endeavor Athletic
Click here for more information: Support Endeavor Athletic

A Look at Traditional “Performance” Apparel

I’m excited about Endeavor Athletic, as I know it will be a game-changer in raising the expectations athletes have of their training apparel.

Performance apparel is a relatively new market, and one that I wasn’t overly familiar with a few years ago. Everything I knew was from my experiences as an athlete and what I observed as a coach.

What you train in can actually make a significant difference in how you perform, and how you feel and smell while doing it. As you may have experienced yourself, cotton is terrible to train in. It soaks up moisture, sits heavy on your skin, is uncomfortable…and it stinks.

One of the early solutions to the cotton problem was to develop garments made of polyester, which performs better than cotton in terms of moisture management (spreading it thin so sweat can evaporate quicker). Since the transition, most of the mainstream companies have attempted to improve polyester’s natural performance properties through chemical treatment. This method, while initially effective, is short-sighted, as the chemicals (and the associated performance properties) wash out of the clothes.

This was something I experienced first-hand in college; I had a few “performance shirts” that maintained the not-so-pleasant aroma of my hockey equipment even after being washed! Of course, the shirt wasn’t cheap, either.

One of the things I’ve realized is that with a lot of the mainstream companies, the purchase price primarily reflects their marketing budget, not the research put into innovation or the quality of the products. Since the original transition to polyester, there have been several incredible developments in apparel technology that can drastically improve the performance and function of apparel beyond the short-term benefits of chemically treated polyester.

Built for Competitive Functional Movement

The athletic apparel industry is primed for innovation, and we’ve worked hard to ensure we deliver just that. Endeavor Athletic integrates the most advanced apparel technology (including a heat-management technology called “Trizar” that was developed by NASA) with anatomical paneling to not just inhibit, but actually support functional movement. For you, this just means that you’ll stay light, dry, and comfortable, so you can train hard and perform at your best.

Endeavor Athletic
A glimpse of a couple of the men’s and women’s designs

We’re doing our initial launch through IndieGoGo, which is basically a pre-production crowd-sourcing platform so people can reserve items from the first production line, while also helping to support it.

We have a few different men’s and women’s packages, three signed Johnny Gaudreau jerseys, and a package that includes a trip down to Florida to catch a Panthers game. If you’re interested in reserving a few items and/or supporting the cause, you can do so here: Support Endeavor Athletic

As a way to show my appreciation, if you grab any of the packages that are $200+ and forward me your confirmation, I’ll send you your choice of either Ultimate Hockey Training, Ultimate Hockey Transformation, or Optimizing Movement.

Grab your gear here: Endeavor Athletic

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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