Between writing the blogs and newsletters for my site AND Endeavor’s site, I’ve been doing a lot of writing recently. Usually when I write, I try to not rehash on things I’ve already talked about. I’d hate for anyone to ever refer to me as monotonous. The other day I was rereading a few articles I had read before and it hit me that it’s helpful to hear QUALITY information over and over. It helps make it more concrete in your mind.

With that said, I’ve created a list of a few articles and interviews that I’ve been a part of that I think EVERYONE should read. These articles outline much of the scientific foundation that I base my hockey training programs on. Spend a day or two re-reading these articles and post your comments below!

Maximal Force: Cracking the Nervous System Code

3 Tricks to Increase Maximal Strength

Fight the Injury Blues: Keep Lifting

Rethinking Bilateral Training

Dissecting the Sports Hernia

Battling Anatomy: Implications for Effective Squatting

Rapid Rate of Force Development

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

P.S. In the next week, I’ll be announcing the official launch of my Ultimate Hockey Development Coaching Program. Stay tuned!

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