This week at Hockey Strength and Conditioning was one of those “forum weeks”. Every now and then we intentionally slow down the amount of content we add in the form of articles, programs, videos, etc. so that our members have an opportunity to catch up on some of the stuff we’ve posted over the previous few weeks.

Last week we added Brian Burke’s presentation, which I think echos the hockey development sentiments of the HockeySC team, and (as you know) is one that I think everyone involved in hockey should take an hour to watch. On that note, I understand that some of the Maple Leafs fans out there are reluctant to listen because of a lack of satisfaction with the direction the organization has taken in recent years, but that is not the focus of his presentation-it’s on what changes need to occur in youth hockey to improve the development process. His words are equally applicable to current norms in both the U.S. and Canada!

YOU MUST WATCH THIS!! >> Youth Hockey Presentation

We added a 2 day/week in-season program that I’ve used with our players at Endeavor. In it, you’ll see a new sprint start technique we’ve been experimenting with recently and a new method of conditioning in-season (which we do our best to cycle through to avoid overworking any one pattern).

Check it out here >> In-Season Hockey Training Program

When you sign in, make sure you’re checking in on the forums. The discussions over the last week have been awesome, and Darryl Nelson posted a great video (in the thread “Psychology vs. Physiology) from Dr. Larry Lauer on building/restoring confidence in your team. It’s only five minutes, but there are some important messages in it.

Lastly, my dad emailed this video to me a couple weeks ago and I wanted to share it with you. It’s amazing what people can accomplish when we work together!

[windowsmedia] [/windowsmedia]

If the video does not appear above, click this link to watch it >> Stick Figure Punter

I have some great stuff lined up for you for next week so make sure you check back in!

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