A couple weeks ago Robbie Bourke from All Things Strength interviewed me for his site. In the interview I touched on:

1. The biggest problem with the strength and conditioning industry
2. What it’s like working with hockey players
3. Who has influenced me as a coach
4. How we can bridge the gap between Strength Coaches and Physical Therapists
5. My go-to resources for innovative training ideas
6. My favorite exercise
7. A look inside my program methodology
8. Advice for up and coming coaches (not unlike the advice I give and try to follow myself!)

Click the link below to check out the interview:

An Interview with Kevin Neeld

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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P.S.2. I wanted to share this awesome, eye-opening article from Carson Boddicker. I’ve really enjoyed Carson’s work and recommend you check in at his site from time to time. Check out the article: The Myth of Core Function in Running

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