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I recently got an awesome email from an old student of mine at UMass Amherst, thanking me for recommending Cressey Performance as a place to intern.

It was great to hear how much he learned there and how it ignited his passion for strength and conditioning.

I think finding the right resources (whether they’re books, seminars, videos, or people) is essential to being successful.  I know my life has changed significantly since I went out and bought all the books that Michael Boyle recommended in his 10-DVD set “Functional Strength Coach”.

With that said, I want to forward along a few internet resources that continue to have a positive impact on my training and coaching.

All of these are INCREDIBLE investments.  I’ve learned more applied training information from these resources than I have in 6 years of undergraduate and graduate studies (which makes me wonder why these sites are so cheap and college is so expensive!)

In no particular order: Still the best training site on the internet. In addition to the cutting-edge articles and constant video updates, some of the greatest minds in the training and rehabilitation industry are available to answer your questions in multiple open forums. Presentations from the best in the performance training industry, available to you without leaving your home. It’s a brilliant site and the presentations are incredible. This site eats up more of my free time than I’m comfortable admitting.

Precision Still the best nutrition resource (EVER!) for athletes and non-athletes alike.  I recommend this to EVERY single person I talk to about nutrition. At the risk of offending many of you, you’d have to be stupid not to own this. The best site on the internet for injury prevention and rehabilitation information. I go to here to learn more about how to prevent injuries. Thousands of exercise videos from some of the most creative experts in the industry. It’s like YouTube for people with unhealthy fascinations with human movement and performance (e.g. me…and hopefully you).

Regardless of whether you’re a player or a coach, if you’re truly committed to fulfilling your potential, you truly owe it to yourself to check out these sites.

They’ve changed my life. I’m confident they’ll change yours too.

-Kevin Neeld

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Kevin Neeld

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Kevin has rapidly established himself as a leader in the field of physical preparation and sports science for ice hockey. He is currently the Head Performance Coach for the Boston Bruins, where he oversees all aspects of designing and implementing the team’s performance training program, as well as monitoring the players’ performance, workload and recovery. Prior to Boston, Kevin spent 2 years as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the San Jose Sharks after serving as the Director of Performance at Endeavor Sports Performance in Pitman, NJ. He also spent 5 years as a Strength and Conditioning Coach with USA Hockey’s Women’s Olympic Hockey Team, and has been an invited speaker at conferences hosted by the NHL, NSCA, and USA Hockey.