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Last week my good friend David Lasnier wrote two great articles that are pertinent to both strength and conditioning coaches and any consumers of strength and conditioning information (athletes, parents, coaches, etc.). Take a few minutes to read through these.

This first piece is a must-read for coaches. I understand the tendency to want to be a “specialist”, but the movement toward people being a “crossfit” or “kettlebell” guy is downright stupid. There is no magical system that will meet everyone’s needs. The best coaches understand the development process and know when to apply certain tools to facilitate an adaptive stress (and recovery from these stressors). David’s article highlights the pros and cons of a couple really popular training methods and delivers a great underlying message.

Click here >> Having Different Tools In Your Toolbox

The second touches on another hot topic that affects us all in understanding the truth behind who lives under the internet veil. Internet marketing experts have made it easier than ever to establish yourself as a topic expert without ever having experience developing real-world results in that area. Frankly, it’s scary how deceptive people are online. It’s even scarier that they have large audiences of people that are drinking their koolaid.

This guy knows what I’m talking about

David presents a very level-headed view point on the research vs. real-world evidence debate, a much needed change from the excessively vocal extremists out there. (check out the cameo appearance from a half-nude santa clause)

Check it out here >> Who Do You Train? Putting Things in Perspective

I wrote a slightly more hockey-specific article on a similar topic that you can check out here if you’re interested:

Click here >> Internet Hockey Training Experts

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