Speed Training: Alternating Crossover Run

The Alternating Crossover Run is an exercise I’ll integrate into our pre-practice prep and as a main exercise in speed development blocks.

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It’s a great option to teach:

1️⃣ Hip/shoulder separation
2️⃣ An aggressive push-under
3️⃣ Introductory single-leg deceleration.

The goal here is to cover a lot of ground laterally, while turning the hips in the movement direction, but keeping the shoulders square to straight ahead. This hip/shoulder separation comes into play in most transitional patterns, but is especially helpful for situations where your eyes need to track the play away from the direction you’re moving.

Great option for athletes that don’t have a lot of space for their speed work.

Typically performed for 3 sets of 3-5 reps per side.

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