So You Want to Get Stronger?

Want to get stronger?

I often get questions that start out something like:

“What’s the best way to…?”

The truth is, there is not right answer to this question. The best way to achieve any training goal depends very much on your training history, current training level, and injury history, among other things.

One programming approach to drastically improving strength is high-frequency training. The nervous system adapts to the demands we place on ourselves, such that specific movement patterns are strengthened the more we perform them.

Following this logic, the more we lift specific movements the stronger we’ll get, right? Sort of.

The answer is yes, IF we intelligently alter the intensity and speed of the exercises to allow for recovery. The body is in a continuous state of remodeling, meaning it is constantly breaking down and rebuilding. This goes for bone, muscles, connective tissue (e.g. ligaments and tendons), etc.

High frequency training, or training specific movement patterns 3+ times/week can be a very effective strategy in improving strength quickly. Stay tuned. In the next couple days I’m going to post the program I’ve been using for the last three weeks.

Keep training smart.

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