Online Training

A quality hockey training program can COMPLETELY change the path of a player’s career

As an online training client, you simply need to bring the work ethic and Kevin will give you everything else you need to successfully train off the ice to achieve your on-ice goals.

Each Online Training Program Design includes:

  • Self-myofascial release
  • Dynamic warm-up and mobility/activation work
  • Linear and transitional speed work
  • Power and strength development
  • Functional linear and rotational core training
  • Comprehensive hockey-specific conditioning
  • Injury prevention exercises
  • Dietary recommendations to help facilitate your body composition, performance, and recovery goals
  • Ongoing consultation via the Train Heroic app throughout the duration of your training


“Having the ability to create time and space has been crucial to my success. Kevin’s programs have helped me develop the speed and quickness I need to compete at the highest levels, and the conditioning to continue pushing the pace late in games. If you’re looking to fulfill your potential on the ice, Kevin is the guy to help you get there.”

Johnny Gaudreau
Columbus Blue Jackets, NHL



“Any athlete who has the pleasure of working with Kevin should truly consider themselves lucky — he is the gold standard when it comes to physical preparation and sports science in ice hockey.”

Meghan Duggan
President, Women’s Sports Foundation
3X Olympic Medalist, 2018 Olympic Champion
7X World Champion
US Women’s National Hockey Team Captain

This off-season, I want to…

Improve speed and first step quickness

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Improve speed, power, strength, and conditioning

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