Savings on Supplements

I get questions almost daily about what supplements I think people should be taking. Realistically, the complexity of someone’s supplementation depends on a number of things:

  • Training Goals
  • Diet
  • Training History
  • Supplement History
  • Age/Development

Having said that, I generally think everyone should be taking a fish oil supplement and a greens supplement. I think it’s pretty hard to argue against the long list of benefits of fish oils at this point (increases everything that’s awesome, decreases everything else…I read that in a research paper). Greens supplements aren’t as well-supported because people say, correctly, that it’s better to get all your nutrients from real food like fruits and vegetables.

I agree. Unfortunately, whether the barrier is finance- or lethargy-based, the truth is that people AREN’T eating fruits and vegetables (many people aren’t eating ANY on a regular basis).

With that understood, no one likes spending unneccessary money on supplements. I’ve done a ton of research on these two supplements and have found two resources (one that most people don’t know about!) consistently come up with the lowest prices.

You can get Greens+ (the Wild Berry Burst flavor…the other stuff is gross) at for around $27. It’s well worth it and significantly cheaper than other retailers, which sell it for around $40. I’ve included a link to Amazon’s page for your convenience. Just click the image below.


Carlson Lab’s Fish Oil (my go-to brand) is available in capsule and liquid form at at around 50% off. I go for the liquid stuff (they have lemon and orange flavor that tastes like a fruity syrup…not as bad as you think!) because it’s easier to get high doses in without popping a ton of capsules.  Currently Vitacost is listing Carlson Lab’s Liquid Fish Oil for around $22! I don’t know how they do it, but I’m glad they do. Image linked below.

Supplement-Carlson Lab's Fish Oil

Hope this helps you save a few bucks! With the $20+ you save on fish oils every month or so, now you can afford the $9.95/month it takes to get a membership to the GREATEST HOCKEY TRAINING SITE EVER! Yes, it’s that incredible. And you still have a few days until the $1 30-day trial ends! Click the image below to get instant access to the world’s largest collection of hockey training expertise!

Hockey Strength and Conditioning

To your continued success,

Kevin Neeld

P.S. Please forward this along to anyone that likes saving a few bucks on great supplements!

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