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Reactive Core Training Wrap Up

Another one of my favorite reactive core training exercises is the overhead medicine ball perturbation.  Same concept as previous exercises: maintain a stiff, stable core in the presence of an external force or perturbation.  Holding the MB overhead maximizes instability as it raises your center of mass (higher COM=greater instability).  Check it out:

To maximize the functional carryover, you can combine a couple different core MB exercises.  For instance, you could pair an overhead floor throw with the overhead MB perturbation.  Check out the overhead MB floor throw:

It would work like this.  You would explosively slam the ball into the ground 3 times.  After the third time, you’d freeze in the start position, with your arms extended overhead, squeezing the ball hard with both hands.  At this point, a partner would provide small perturbations to the ball, and you would try to prevent all movement.  This would continue for 5-10 seconds, then you’d perform 3 more slams, 5-10 more seconds of perturbations, 3 more slams, and 5-10 seconds of perturbations.  That would be the end of one set.  

See how it works?  You just combine an explosive upper body/core power exercise with a reactive core stabilization exercise.  Now you’re alternating being explosive and stable.  

Think that might help on the ice?

You betcha!

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