Speed Training for Hockey

Speed is widely recognized as the most important physical quality in hockey. The unique demands of skating and the transitional nature of the game require a specialized approach to speed development. This approach extends far beyond just borrowing traditional speed drills from track and field or football.

This book combines the latest sports science research with the author’s extensive experience training hockey players at every level. Throughout the book, you’ll learn Neeld’s proven methods for:

  • Identifying a player’s strengths and weaknesses and monitoring their training progress
  • Optimizing the depth, length, and efficiency of a player’s stride
  • Improving a player’s speed, acceleration, and repeat sprint ability
  • Maximizing the safety and effectiveness of every exercise and drill
  • Helping a player reach his or her genetic potential

Speed Training for Hockey pairs a comprehensive description of the factors influencing speed development with proven age-specific 12-week off-season training programs for players from youth to professional levels. The programs are accompanied by a video database, so you can see exactly how to correctly perform all of the exercises, and tips on how to make adjustments if you’re missing certain pieces of equipment.

Not only will you experience firsthand the tremendous impact Neeld’s methods have on your speed, but you’ll also understand exactly why they work.



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