Precision Nutrition

Precision Nutrition, by Dr. John Berardi, is hands-down the most user-friendly nutrition product ever created. Dr. Berardi has a background in both training and nutrition, so he understands how the two interact to deliver results. In Precision Nutrition, he makes applying healthy dietary strategies to achieve your health, body composition, and performance goals easier than ever.

This unparalleled resource includes:

  1. The Success Guide
  2. The Diet Guide
  3. The Quick Start Guide
  4. The Super Shake Guide
  5. The 5-Minute Meals Guide
  6. The Individualization Guide
  7. The Measurement Guide

In addition to these 7 high-quality guides, Dr. Berardi includes a copy of Gourmet Nutrition, a cookbook filled with delicious, easy-to-prepare meals, and access to the Precision Nutrition membership site where you can interact with experts in the areas of nutrition, supplementation, fat loss, and training, as well as a community of people working towards the same goals as you. Investing in this single product has made a greater impact on my health, body composition, and training progress than any other resource.

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